The POSTUREMEDIC® helps stabilize your shoulders through muscle training. You maintain your full range of motion while wearing the device and it gently reminds you to correct to your posture whenever you relapse into incorrect postures such as slouching. It works to build “muscle memory” so that you unconsciously and naturally maintain correct posture without fatigue. The stabilizing exercises improve the strength in the small muscles of your upper body helping you stand and sit tall with your shoulders squared, chin up, chest out and stomach in. If standing, proper posture means that you can draw a straight line from your earlobe through your shoulder, hip, knee and down to the middle of your ankle. Those with recurring shoulder dislocation or trauma injuries to the shoulder girdle can especially benefit from the POSTUREMEDIC® exercises.

Remember to Stretch before you stabilize your muscles.This will increase your range of motion and reduce pain, making stabilization more effective. Strengthening our neck and back muscles will help you maintain your posture for longer periods of time.

How To Put On

There are two different methods you can use to put the POSTUREMEDIC® on.

For the first way, begin by holding the POSTUREMEDIC® in your hands out in front of you with the palms facing inward. Then fold the palms down and outward. Next, raise the arms straight overhead and then all the way behind your body for a chest stretch. Continue to lower the arms behind your body even more until they're on the height of your mid-back region. Now it's time to put one strap on. And then the other, so that the stabilizer sits directly between the shoulder blades.

Putting on the POSTUREMEDIC®

To take it off, repeat the same steps backwards by removing the straps one at a time. Then straighten the arms behind for a chest stretch, raise the arms overhead and then lower them back down in front of you.

Putting on the POSTUREMEDIC®

The second method is to start with the POSTUREMEDIC® behind your back already. So hold the POSTUREMEDIC® behind your back with the arms straight. Rotate the arms so the palms are forward in an external rotation position. Then, bend just one elbow to put that strap on. Then bend the other elbow to put the second strap on. The stabilizer should sit directly between the shoulder blades now.

To take it off, repeat the same steps backwards by removing one strap, straightening that arm and then remove the other strap until both arms are straight behind your body again.


  • Do — view all videos and how-to pictures in our Instruction Manual
  • Do — begin by doing the shorter timed videos and allow your body to improve before enjoying the longer exercise videos..
  • Do — use POSTUREMEDIC® as a postural reminder.
  • Do — download a break reminder app and use it, very important.
  • Do — tell your friends and family how much the POSTUREMEDIC® has helped.


  • Do NOT wear for longer than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Do NOT continue to wear if you experience any tingling in your arms (immediately remove).
  • Do NOT continue to wear if any pain or pinching arises (immediately remove).
  • Do NOT count on POSTUREMEDIC® to fix your posture just by wearing it, you must do the stretches and exercises to gain long term success.
  • Do NOT use POSTUREMEDIC® for ANY other purpose than is expressed in our Instruction Manual.

Now that you know how to put on your posture, don’t forget to do the Stretch and Strengthening Exercises. Train your muscles so that you can have proper posture all the time!