Who’s At Risk

All Abilities

POSTUREMEDIC® is recommended for anyone that sits or stands for long periods at a time or does repetitive movements. It can be used practically anywhere and by people with every level of physical ability. If you’re already quite active, wear the POSTUREMEDIC® as you exercise to keep your posture in check while you work out.


Kids today face a variety of issues that can lead to poor postural health. They often carry overloaded backpacks, sit incorrectly for long periods in front of a computer or video game and are generally less active than previous generations. Incorporating the POSTUREMEDIC® into a child’s routine may help prevent postural problems before they become more serious conditions. The POSTUREMEDIC® is recommended for anyone over the age of 12 who meets the minimum height and weight requirements the sizing chart. Younger children may also be able to fit the POSTUREMEDIC® but they should be closely monitored to assure they use the product safely. Add POSTUREMEDIC® to your regular family fun days.

group exercising with POSTUREMEDIC®


seniors on the street wearing the POSTUREMEDIC®

It’s never too late to improve your posture. Use the POSTUREMEDIC® to help you stretch and strengthen your back. If existing conditions are preventing you from completing the exercises as shown, try the modifications recommended in our new videos. Do as much as you can. You will build up your range of motion and your strength. Talk to your healthcare provider to modify these exercises specifically for you. Most importantly, wear a POSTUREMEDIC® throughout the day to help you get back on track.